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Why my lower back hurts ?

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If you wake up in the morning with your lower back pain, you are not alone..! This phenomenon is very common. Does low back hurts require a visit to the doctor? Or not necessary..

Most cases resolve on their own within four to six weeks, with or without medical treatment. In most cases, lower back hurts can also be treated at home.

Lower back pain is a common condition and becomes more common as people get older, affecting more than half of people over the age of 60. It is one of the most common reasons for visiting health care centers. Low back hurts is a very expensive condition in health care payments, disability payments, and work time wastes.

What is low back pain?

low back pain
low back pain

Lower back hurts is a common phenomenon, and can be defined as part of our daily routine. Indeed, this phenomenon is not new and has accompanied us since the dawn of our existence, without a real change in its spread over the years. The human spine (Columna vertebralis) consists of 33 vertebrae (Vertebra): neck – 7 vertebrae; Chest – 12 vertebrae; Waist – 5 vertebrae; Trunk – 5 connected vertebrae; Tail – 4 degenerated and connected vertebrae.

There is a disc between the vertebrae (Disc between the vertebrae), which is a gelatinous substance with hydrostatic properties, framed with a ring of a strong membrane that protects the content of the disc.

Causes of lower back pain

Causes of lower back pain
Causes of lower back pain

The causes that lead to back pain are primarily biological, but we do not forget the fact that a person is a social animal, and therefore psychosocial factors can be added as reasons for the emergence of pain.

Low back pain treatment

low back pain treatment
low back pain treatment

Treatment for acute back pain includes anti-inflammatory drugs, a (Pain relie), and a (muscle relaxant). These drugs are effective in the acute stage, but we must be aware of the side effects of these drugs on other body systems. As we mentioned, lying down is of no value, and activity that relieves pain should be encouraged. Many other treatments for lower back hurts have been suggested, and we can say that the lower back pain tree is full of branches. Many of the treatments turned out to be ineffective and compared to Placebo, there were no significant differences.

Some acceptable treatments include:

  1. Cold – for superficial pain.
  • Heat – to relieve muscle spasms (Myospasm).
  • Massage – Acceleration of blood flow and tissue tightening.
  • Chiropractic – (manual therapy) stretching a specific tissue to restore anatomical proportions between the components of the skeleton.
  • Alternative treatments such as puncture, shiatsu, reflexotherapy, Bhofeedback, and Feldenkrais.

To sum up, in this article I have covered a simple summary about the lower back hurts that occurs to many people and causes them discomfort, whether at home or at work. In addition to reviewing what is back pain in the foundation and methods of treatment of this pain in general

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