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Muscles are a manifestation of masculinity, and many men strive to highlight their muscles and increase their size, and many try to persevere in exercises to show muscles, and some succeed in reaching this difficult goal, so today we will inform you about build muscle workout plan to increase your muscle size without becoming fat.

The most of what worries bodybuilders or people interested in obtaining an ideal body is the increase in the proportion of fat, the excess of fat covers the shape of the muscles and this is the opposite of what you want, of course it is preferable to show the shape of the muscle and highlight its division so the trainee seeks to increase the weights that are trained, and Trainees also take supplements that help burn fat and supplements that help to enlarge muscles, and trainees also follow a diet high in protein in order to get big muscles and until muscle is built, protein is the basis of muscle and without it you will not be able to build muscle.

Can you build muscle in one month?

build muscle in one month
build muscle in one month

It may seem impossible, but with will, nothing is impossible. Many wonder if they can build muscle quickly and if there is a solid short-term plan that can be followed to build muscle in a short time. No, we offer the latest and best build muscle workout plan to get the desired result, which is the ideal tight muscles.

If you want to build muscle in a month, you have to rely on three basic points:

  • Diet:

The diet constitutes 80% of the followed plan to build muscles and the body, and if you want to bulk up muscles, you have to eat proteins, because protein is the main material and the main building block for muscles and for the diet that builds muscle, you need to Protein makes up 70% of your diet.

If you want to look fit and divided, then you definitely want to build muscle while burning the extra fats in the body, and for this you will need to reduce the proportion of fat intake and you can simply substitute complex and artificial fats for foods that contain natural oils such as nuts and coconut oil. Instead of regular oils, butter and margarine, which contains a high proportion of fats and leads to weight gain.

  • Nutritional supplements:

As for nutritional supplements, they form a large part of the building plan. If you want to build muscle, you must eat a large proportion of protein, and for this reason, the use of external protein is important to obtain a complete protein ratio that helps you accelerate muscle building.

Protein powder can be used as a pre-workout meal, as it increases performance in exercise and increases strength in the body and muscles.

  • Exercise system:

The exercise system is one of the most important factors, as the structural muscle training system differs from the training system that aims to burn fat and build muscle. You must pay more attention to carrying weights in exercise until you get large muscles, and you must exercise at least 5 times a week. In doing so, you must go to the gym and follow an intensive program to build muscle and carry weights.

Schedule for build muscle workout plan

build muscle workout plan
build muscle workout plan

Through this weekly regimen, you will easily be able to lose weight, tighten the body, and form the muscles you want, whether you are a young man or a girl in any age group. We also look at the appropriate diet that produces benefit from these exercises.

The special training program is the system responsible for developing all the muscles in this system. This development distributes the muscle mass of your body evenly, without neglecting the muscles or paying attention to one part at the expense of the other.

With hundreds of training programs, you have to choose the best for your body and understand that every bodybuilding training plan is designed to meet the level and goals of each individual. In the beginning, set your priorities in front of you and think of what will be better without a doubt.

This article discusses some of the systems that will help beginners and experts alike, through regular weekly schedules that include a schedule of bodybuilding exercises to build muscle and build a healthy body that does not lack physical strength.

Benefits of exercise schedule in 5 days

One of the most popular training programs among bodybuilders is the five-day training program. This program is the best because of the following reasons:

It helps to correct and regenerate the muscles completely because each muscle group is trained once a week, which gives the opportunity for all muscles to get enough rest after focusing on them. You can train at a higher intensity because you train only one group each day with an emphasis on that muscle mass.

If you want to burn fat in addition to building muscle, this program is for you. Cardio exercises and build muscle five days a week through the focused exercises that the program focuses on burning a large number of calories in record time.

Weekly schedule of bodybuilding exercises

  1. Saturday: We will deal with leg and abdominal exercises.
  2. Sunday: We will go through chest exercises.
  3. Monday: is the day dedicated to back exercises.
  4. Tuesday: It is a day of rest.
  5. Wednesday: We can do shoulder exercises with abdominal exercises.
  6. Thursday: We go through full arm exercises where we combine the pi exercises with the tri-exercises and the other exercises that we mentioned. In arm exercises in a separate article.
  7. Friday: It’s the end of the hard but fun week so we’ll take it to rest too.

The reason behind arranging these exercises

Leg exercises have many benefits, so urge you to follow the aforementioned schedule and do not drop them from among the exercises. It is important to exercise early in the week and you can read the article on the appropriate exercise schedule. Rest between training days is important so that the body can recover. If he’s not ready for high-intensity work, give him time out in the middle of the week.

You should include among your exercises cardio exercises that are beneficial for the heart muscle in order to give you agility and agility with muscle exercises. You can view cardio exercises in general through an independent article on the site explaining to you the benefits of this wonderful build muscle workout plan.

What muscle builds the fastest?

Everyone is unique. Some muscles develop quickly for a few and delayed for other people. This is the reason everybody has prevailing and frail body parts in any event, when they train all muscle bunches appropriately. This incorporates proficient weight lifters whose occupations rely upon being the best they can be.

Chest is the muscle bunch that becomes fastest. Continuously muscle bunches that are bigger in size l, similar to thighs, chest, etc… Are simpler to breakdown and consistently become snappier… More modest muscles like rear arm muscles or calves are somewhat moderate on the grounds that the size is little and muscle filaments are thick. These are difficult to break and they set aside effort to recuperate.

Different muscle builds

Abdominal muscle exercises

  1. Cable Exercise: Hold the cable with both hands and sit on the knees, then start descending with
  2. Abs and hold in position for several seconds before slowly rising.
  3. Crunch exercise: Sit on the crunch machine and ascend using only the abdominal muscles, without the hands or chest muscles, and hold the position for several seconds before slowly returning.
  4. The plank exercise: Lie on your stomach and lift yourself, using your hands and abdominal muscles, and hold the position for 45 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise.
  5. Abs workout with weights: Lie on the board, hold the bar with your hands, then slowly rise and fall using the abdominal muscles.

Arm exercises

Bicep Exercise:

  1. Standing with your back straight, legs close together.
  2. Hold the bar with both hands, with hands fixed in the middle of the bar at shoulder level.
  3. Bend the elbows with the bar raised toward the chest.
  4. Hold this position for five seconds, then return to the resting position.

Reverse Lifting Exercise:

  1. Stand with legs slightly apart, and bend the upper torso forward at a 45-degree angle.
  2. Hold the bar with both hands with arms extended straight down.
  3. Bend the elbows and point upwards, with the bar raised to the level of the abdomen.
  4. Repeat the exercise without slowing down, while maintaining a tilted back position to avoid injuries.

Shoulder Exercises:

Overhead Press With a Barbell: Despite the difficulty that this exercise is, but in the end it remains one of the most popular and perhaps the most effective shoulder exercises, and of course care must be taken to keep the back straight during the implementation of this exercise and carrying Weights are appropriate without overdoing it.

Overhead Dumbbell Press: This exercise overcomes the disadvantage of the previous exercise that the barbell can fall on the stronger arm instead of evenly distributing the load on the arms. The overhead push-up with dumbbells provides an opportunity to exercise each arm separately to evenly strengthen and inflate the shoulders.

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