The best exercises to get rid of pain and strengthen the back muscles

Back strengthening exercises

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The back is considered one of the most important components of the human body, as it is the one that carries the entire body and therefore the slightest pain occurs by it greatly affects the person, and the back consists of a group of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and vertebrae, in addition to the presence of the spine, and the back should be well taken care of and treated through back strengthening exercises. If you encounter any problems you should not neglect this matter because its consequences are severe.

Your back is the center of your body, so you should make it stronger to provide more energy for exercise and everyday life. The strong back muscles give the trunk area a great look, so it looks more symmetrical. In addition, back strengthening exercises will help you stand for extended periods while avoiding unpleasant back pain. Not only that, it helps to strengthen the spine.

Causes of back pain

Many people suffer from back problems that cause multiple causes. For example, some injuries affect the spine, rope and spinal cord, which cause pain in the back, as well as mechanical disorders, which are problems that affect the movement of the spine, causing us to feel pain if we move it, and it can also cause Infections and tumors in the occurrence of back pain such as osteomyelitis, and contamination of the cartilage that line the vertebrae. Also, we cannot deny the role of psychological pressure in increasing the severity and duration of these pain, as it can cause back cramps that lead to pain.

It is also worth noting that a lack of calcium in the body causes a general weakness not only in the bones but also in the muscles, and the most vulnerable to weakness is always the back muscles, so the person feels that he is unable to make any tired effort because his muscles cannot tolerate this and he gets tired quickly. Hence, the person must realize that his body is on the verge of collapse and that the necessary steps must be taken to strengthen his body and muscles, and this is done through eating the necessary vitamins and also back strengthening exercises that are essential to strengthening the whole body.

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Back muscles strengthening exercises

Here we will explain some of the back strengthening exercises, and everyone should do it whether the person is injured or healthy, because these exercises, as you will help the injured person in treatment, they will protect the healthy person from getting back pain and troubles, and these exercises exercise neck movement, Dumbbell exercises, weightlifting, and shoulder muscles.

  1. Neck movement exercise
Neck movement exercise
Neck movement exercise

If you are one of the people who spend a long time watching TV or sitting in front of the computer screen for long hours, you will suffer from upper back pain and at the neck, which occurs due to the cramping that afflicts them for not moving for long periods, so you should do this exercise to ensure your back muscles are straightened and kept safe.

Exercise method: sit on four and then put your right hand behind your head, and the other used to hold your body after that, rotate your right shoulder and elbow away from your left arm and try to raise your shoulder as far as possible and repeat this exercise three times while switching between the arms.

  • Dumbbell exercises
Dumbbell exercises
Dumbbell exercises

These exercises help to strengthen the muscles of the back, especially the muscles in the middle of the back and at the shoulders, and many have agreed that these exercises work to strengthen the muscles of the back by at least 80%.

Exercise method: you must stick to the dumbbell and bend over the knees and hips, then go down the middle of the body on the floor and make the weights go down, then you pull your shoulders back and hold on to this position for a second, then you lift the weight to the side of your torso by pressing well, this strengthens From the spine muscles.

  • Weight Carrying
Weight Carrying
Weight Carrying

It is one of the important exercises to strengthen the spine, as it is useful for those who suffer from lower back pain, so this exercise strengthens this area as it burns fat.

Exercise method: install the iron at the knee level, then squat position, then try to hold the iron and push the hips forward, this will be difficult in the beginning, but once your back muscles begin to become stronger, this exercise will become easier for you.

  • Pull exercise
Pull exercise
Pull exercise

This exercise is specific to the middle and lower back muscles, as it helps to tighten and strengthen it, and the tension ball is used during the exercise.

Exercise method: place the tension ball in your right hand and then pull it with your left hand until it reaches over your head and then repeats it with the switch between both arms.

  • Shoulder muscle exercise
Shoulder muscle exercise
Shoulder muscle exercise

The shoulder muscles are constantly in need of movement because this gives them flexibility, but if you neglect them and do not do their exercises, you will be vulnerable to the symptoms of frozen shoulder, which in turn leads to the difficulty of moving the arms.

Exercise method: put a tree and hold it well, then take a deep breath and try to hold for a period of not less than 10 seconds, then repeat this command more than 4 times.

To sum up, I have covered in this article the causes of back pain caused by a lack of calcium or as a result of genetic factors or external reasons. We also exposed the most important back strengthening exercises for people of all ages, which do not cause them harm, whether they are normal or injured. Everyone should keep fit and go to sports clubs to enjoy high health and a stylish body.



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