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Secrets of Reverse Grip Pulldown Exercise

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People who want to gain muscle mass (especially pumping arms) should be aware of the importance of basic exercises. One of the most accessible among them and pull up on the bar. With the ability to position your hands in different ways, you can focus the greatest load on specific muscles. In particular, the overall strengthening of the hamstrings and increasing their volumes were used as reverse grip pulldown. But only for the correct focus of the load on the biceps you need to know the correct implementation of the technique.

Method One for Reverse Grip Pulldown Exercise

Reverse Grip Pulldown Exercise
Reverse Grip Pulldown Exercise

Execute Reverse Grip Pulldown as follows. Initially, you need to find the right grip bar, the width of which can be: narrow, medium and wide. Each species has its own characteristics, focusing the load on a specific head of the biceps. Pull a tight reverse grip that allows load within the biceps. Wide fist handy pumped outer head. In between, that is, the average grip allows uniform pumping of the entire biceps – that is recommended for beginners.

After choosing a pickup, it is necessary to make the body craving for the bar, so that the upper part of the chest rises to its level. At the moment of active work pull-ups need to breathe. At the highest point of the process is a short pause, followed by the extension of the hands. The passive part of the movement, any extension of the hands should be slow and focused, accompanied by exhalation. Reverse Grip Pulldown must contain a certain amount of approach time. As a rule, it is not less than 8 and not more than 20, depending on the emphasis on training.

If this result is easy, you can apply weighting to the body. They can use a belt with suspended weight, special weighted vests (including body armor…), and as an alternative – a backpack pancakes, bricks or something else heavy. Suspended weight is regulated by the same calculation, that is, the ability to pick up 8-20 times.

  • Method two for Reverse Grip Pulldown Exercise

Reverse Grip Pulldown barbell weighted exercise instructions:

Grab a wide bar or Olympic bar about shoulder width apart using a reverse grip (palms down).

Stand straight, feet together (you may be most comfortable in a one-foot-back position for stability), back straight, and arms fully extended. The iron bar should not touch your body.

Keeping your eyes facing forward, your elbows tucked at your sides, and your body completely stationary, slowly raise the barbell up.

Squeeze your forearms firmly at the top of the movement, then slowly lower them back to the starting position.

Repeat the required number of repetitions.

  • Reverse grip barbell weighted exercise tips

Your body should remain still and only the biceps and forearms should be used to move the weight.

Another mistake is not installing the elbows at the sides. You should not let your elbows come forward when lifting the weight.

Finally, you need to control the weight throughout the set. This means not letting the penis fall off quickly.

Despite the fact that the Reverse Grip Pulldown is designed to pump up the biceps, as well as to a greater extent the lower part of the “wings” (lat), when it is worked and loaded with a number of other muscles. As a result, this allows to pump (albeit to a lesser degree) all of the muscles to participate in the tightening. Among them there are many shoulder girdle, to some extent – pectoral and deltoid. In addition, pulling the opposite grip has a significant effect due to the fact that when executed through the transfer of both the elbow and shoulder joints.

This is fundamentally different from exercising biceps pumping using dumbbells and barbells, where movements occur only at the elbow, and thus less amount of muscle activated. After mastering the average reverse grip pull can be mastered and the specificity of the operation, the grip is narrow and wide. This will help to work purposefully on specific parts of the biceps. For greater efficiency it is recommended to carry out this operation on a bar with different bending shapes. And for beginners who can’t beat exercise, it can serve as an alternative to blocking the simulator for head-down, allowing to adjust the load without distorting the art.

Thus, we can conclude that tight grip pull-ups are the most effective for re-pumping the biceps, and their implementation should be done regularly and included in the overall training program. This applies to both beginners and experienced athletes.


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