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Bodybuilding is a fairly popular sport, winning more and more fans. And this is not surprising, because as soon as you look at the shots of the amazing bodies of athletes professionally engaged in bodybuilding, you immediately want to reach their heights. Paul Dillett – one of these bodybuilders, about him and will be discussed in this article.

Paul Dillett’s biography

Paul Dillett muscles

This fake bodybuilder was born on April 12, 1965year in Montreal (Canada), in a large family. From an early age Paul Dillett (photo is presented in the article) felt an irresistible craving for sports. But his first passion was football, where he achieved fairly good results. In his years a student bodybuilder played for the national team of his university, and after receiving the diploma he got into the professional league and played for the football team “Toronto” for several seasons. To keep fit, Paul Dillett began attending the gym, where he gained an impressive mass in a relatively short time. Then was the idea of trying myself as a professional bodybuilder.

Debut performance in which Paul tried himself in the role of a bodybuilder, at the North American Amateur Championships in 1991. Despite the excellent physical data, Paul Dillett could not win the award, losing to Ray McNeil. But the athlete did not despair, and with more enthusiasm continued his training. And its results gave, after all the next year his performance made a real sensation. As stated by one of the judges, bodybuilding for the victory will be enough to crawl on the stage on all fours.

  • Rise in popularity

After concluding the contract with Joe Wedder Boldelet, whose height and weight were impressive, he went on to seize the professional podium. The rise of bodybuilding was reckless. He literally threw out all kinds of invitations to popular shows, because bodybuilders know how to “lighten up the audience”. However, the ascetic way of life and a strict regime, in which the athlete struggled with excess fat, did not give Paul the expected popularity.

He was a very hyperactive athlete with diet and training, and his performance in the “Arnold Classic” competition in 1994, where he predicted the ubiquitous Delight award-winning place, ended him up being a doctor. Right on the podium, the bodybuilder knocked out seizures as a result of complete dehydration of the body.

  • Professional peak

For the entire history of sports performance, he failed to get the highest title of bodybuilder – Mr. Olympia, which did not prevent him from becoming one of the highest paid bodybuilders in the world. The most impressive feat of Paul can be called a prize in the competition “Night of Champions”, which was held in 1999. But even then the victory over the main favorite Markus Rühl did not bring the athlete complete satisfaction. Many fans and members of the EFB challenged Paul’s rule, then promised that he would make his next win undeniable.

  • Series of failures

But the athlete was not intended to conquer the sport Olympus again. Despite Paul Dillett’s excellent form, height, weight and biceps were really impressive, and she was unable to win prizes in the next competition. Repeated performances on “Nights of Champions” brought only 3rd place and became the starting point for new difficulties.

He began to follow failures: first defeat, then divorce, health problems, car accidents, arrests and bankruptcy. We can say that the athlete rolled down the very bottom of his life – because troubles followed him in the aftermath. In 2003, the bodybuilder lost his green card and was expelled from the country. With such problems Paul did not have time to go in for sports, and he leaves professional podiums for three whole years. In 2006, the bodybuilder decides to return to the world of bodybuilding, but in the Toronto-Montreal competition Paul wins only tenth place.

  • Passion of bodybuilding

Realizing that he will not be able to reach new heights in sports, Paul Dillett does not lower his hands. And already in 2007 he founded his own bodybuilding federation – the World Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (WBF). Then, in the sports world, rumors spread that an athlete wanted to break with the IFB and make it a competition. But bodybuilders immediately denied them, saying that the EFB is an unparalleled organization that did not even think about joining the confrontation.

And Paul’s only goal is to develop thissport in Canada. According to bodybuilders, he wants to become a person who “lights up the stars”. The athlete realizes that his best years are long gone, but the fanatical love of bodybuilding will never leave. He hopes that the organization he created will give impetus to Canadian bodybuilders for self-realization and development.

  • Unusual methods of training

Bodybuilder Paul Dillett’ back exercises a famous for its non-standard approach to training. Hypnosis, electrical wire connection to trained muscles has been tested. But the most distinctive in the mathematical environment is the method using the case of the effect. This method of developing energy was based on an interesting theory that the human body is able to show unprecedented endurance and dexterity in a stressful situation. That is, in order to increase the numbers, it is necessary to train while the adrenaline goes out of range. And the most interesting thing is how the athlete embodied his theory of life: instead of the gym, Paul Dillett went to the nearest forests.

A girl was attached to a tree, and a bodybuilder received a fixation from a hypnotist that a terrible beast was wandering nearby, and that she stole the beauty and was going to dinner with her. The athlete had no choice but to insert ancient instincts and come to the aid of the girl, and he could help her only through training. According to the athlete, this method repeatedly helped him increase the intensity of the classes.


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