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Instant relief of pulled muscle in the lower back

Pulled muscle in the lower back is one of the widespread conditions, which most people are exposed to at least once in their lives, and the condition ranges from slight that causes distress during movement, to severe that may prevent a person from moving almost completely, and most cases do not need medical treatment, as it disappears with rest and time, but the condition may be severe and require treatment, especially in cases that result from neurological problems.

Symptoms of Pulled muscle in the lower back

Symptoms of Pulled muscle in the lower back
Symptoms of Pulled muscle in the lower back

Symptoms of Pulled muscle in the lower back. A muscle strain is a muscle contraction accompanied by rigidity, and it occurs in varying degrees, and although the tension often occurs in the lower back, the patient may feel pain throughout the back, and the pain may even spread to the pelvis and feet, in cases These are some of the symptoms that help the sufferer diagnose the condition and explain the cause of the pain:

  • Feeling of lower back muscle tightness . Have difficulty moving the trunk, especially when trying to pick up things off the ground.
  • Sudden, severe attacks of pain in the lower back that come and go at intervals.
  • Constant feeling of pain in the back, and back pain increases due to straining when performing certain movements, such as: sitting, standing, bending, or even standing for long periods.

Causes of lower back muscle tightness

The main cause of tension is fatigue of the muscle with a movement that it cannot bear, or repetition of a certain movement to an extent that the muscle cannot tolerate, and it is the normal state that is not considered dangerous, and it often occurs when carrying heavy objects, especially for people who are not athletic, or who are not used to carrying large weights. About fatigue of the body while performing certain sports, such as: golf, football, and other sports, but in some cases the problem may be more serious than that, such as disc problems. The muscles of the body in disc cases seek to correct the imbalance that occurs to the vertebrae, and it tries to prevent the body from moving in a wrong way that may increase the damage, so pain and pulled muscle in this case can be considered one of the body’s mechanisms to defend itself, which is an automatic mechanism that a person cannot control Many people with arthritis suffer from tightness in various muscles, including the back, and the cause may be a tear in one of the vertebrae, so the most dangerous types of tension are those that occur without an apparent reason.

Diagnosis and pulled back muscle treatment

Diagnosis and pulled back muscle treatment
Diagnosis and pulled back muscle treatment

There is no need to visit a doctor regarding most cases of back pain, as most of them can be dealt with at home, except for cases that occur due to a serious injury, or when the pain is very severe, then you must see a doctor to verify the causes, and this is in the following cases:

  • Exposure to a minor injury.
  • Inability to move or sleep due to an injury.
  • The pain continues, as it reaches the thighs and legs.
  • Feeling of numbness in the leg or pubic area.
  • Accompanying fever, nausea, vomiting, or sweating of back pain.
  • Loss of control of urination or passage. Previous osteoporosis or cancer.
  • Weight loss without apparent reasons. Abuse of steroids or drugs.

Treatment of Pulled muscle in the lower back

In the event that the pain is not accompanied by any of the above symptoms, it is possible to deal with back pain at home, through the following:

  • Take adequate rest: what is meant here is to rest the back and not expose it to any pregnancy for a period of at least 48 hours from the injury, to give the body sufficient time to recover.
  • Applying heat or cold: both help the affected area to reduce pain and inflammation, and studies indicate that heat may be more effective than cold in treating injuries in the lower back, as the heat works to dilute the blood inside the blood vessels in the affected area, which in turn stimulates blood circulation. It increases the supply of the affected area and relieves muscle cramps. As for cold, it has an adverse effect, but it reduces inflammation and pain.
  • Taking analgesic drugs: These are drugs that can be obtained from any pharmacy without the need for prescriptions, including: acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and naproxen, as all of them are effective drugs for relieving back pain, and there is no clear difference between the effectiveness of these drugs, so it may help Side effects on the right choice depending on the situation, both ibuprofen and naproxen may cause intestinal or kidney problems, while acetaminophen affects the liver, and in general these medicines are all safe, except when taken for long periods and in high doses, and there are some ointments and topical creams that may help Back pain cases, some of which contain menthol, eucalyptus oil, or other active ingredients, and may be effective in temporary and mild cases.


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