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How to harden your muscles in 7 days!

As a continuation to the previous article when we tackled the topic of amplifying muscles , here we’ll be talking about how to harden muscles. Hardening muscles is a separated process itself. Sometimes trainees resort to it after amplifying their muscles to maintain the progress they have achieved. Other times, trainees just want to burn fat and get their muscles hardened. This way, their muscles will appear at their normal sizes.

So, what exactly do one need to do to harden muscles ? Keep reading as we will be discussing some exercises which will help you to harden muscles.

nutritional supplements to compensate for the deficiency in the body
nutritional supplements to compensate for the deficiency in the body

Before we go through this, it is important to be aware that in order to burn fat, you have got to decrease the amount of starches and fats from your food. Keep sugars in your food as a way of getting energy. You’ll be in a great need for nutritional supplements to compensate for the deficiency in the body.

Getting back to exercises, here are the most important steps you should follow:-

“Remember that the key is keeping on”

The trainee who is willing to harden muscles has to have a permanent organized schedule for training until he reaches the desired result. The following schedule is 6 days per week, the trainee has got a day to rest. Practice these exercises from Saturday to Thursday, and rest Friday!

How to harden your muscles ?

Practice these exercises
Practice these exercises
  • Saturday: 3 exercises for chest muscles.
  • Sunday: 3 exercises for back muscles.
  • Monday: 3 exercises for shoulders
  • Tuesday: 3 exercises for legs.
  • Wednesday: 3 exercises for bay muscles, the other three for the muscles of the trio and the other three for the muscles of the forearms.
  • Thursday: One hour to a third of cardio exercises.
  • Friday: resting.

The training program to harden muscles includes three specific exercises for each of the important muscles of the body, and each of these three exercises includes five stages, and the trainee must use the maximum weight he can bear during the first three stages with re-training 8 to 12 times in each stage. As for the remaining two phases, the trainee moves gradually towards lighter weights with re-training at each stage from 12 to 20 times, depending on the endurance’s ability to endure. The break between each exercise and another will be between one to three minutes, with the need to rest between each stage and another from half a minute to a minute, to avoid muscle fatigue and the ability to continue exercises until the last stage.

We have gathered some essential tips for you to harden muscles and get the most benefit out of them:-

to harden muscles
to harden muscles
  • Make sure that you get enough Protein in every meal of your day.
  • Nutritional supplements can help you to harden muscles. Creatine and whey protein are mostly the best types of supplements.
  • A warm-up is required before you start with the hardening exercises, and it is advised to do the abdominal exercises when completing each training day.
  • In case of the existence of a large fat around the abdomen, it is preferable to practice cardio exercises for a quarter of an hour a day, including rope jumping, running and bike riding exercises.
  • Get enough water during training.
  • Weights are used for exercise according to endurance’s ability.

To harden muscles, you need to reduce the number of calories, in order for the body to burn more than it gets, thus losing fat, and high-intensity aerobic exercise may help increase caloric burning and boost metabolism, which helps the body reach the desired goal.

Aerobic exercises include squats, lungs, push ups, dips and torso twist. Running, walking and rope jumping also belong to aerobic exercises.

If you want to get the full visibility of the muscles of your body, the process to harden muscles will require you to be committed with the schedule, steps and tips, rather than having a diet that depends on providing the body with the necessary needs of the basic nutrients of the body.  Where you must take care of all the elements necessary for a healthy body, and avoid eating unhealthy fats and replace them with healthy foods so that the fat does not accumulate in the body and is difficult to get rid of later. Go get your perfect body and show courage, and good luck with that!

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