From a fish seller to the champion of Mr. Olympia “Big Ramy”

“You have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to”

The world bodybuilder Ramy Elssbiay, nicknamed “Big Ramy“, today won the Mr. Olympia Championship 2020, which he had won second place last year, after defeating American Phil Heath, Iranian Hady Chopin, and American Brandon Curry.

The Mr. Olympia championships are the largest and strongest world championships for professional bodybuilding, and with this victory, Ramy is the first in the history of Egypt, surpassing the two American legends, “Phil Heath and Brandon Kerry”, in an unprecedented historical achievement, and this competition is held annually in the United States of America.

big ramy back muscles

big ramy back muscles

Biography of Big Ramy

Ramy Elssbiay was born on the sixteenth of September 1984 in the Burullus district of Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, and sport was the subject of his interest since he was young, so he trained in a gymnasium at the Baltim Center and won many certificates and achieved fame in his city.

He graduated from the Institute of Social Service in Kafr El-Sheikh, and worked in the fish trade with members of his family, but his livelihood pushed him to travel to Kuwait and from here his internationalism began.

Ramy has won many tournaments and certificates at the local and international levels, as he won first place in the Gold Cup in Kuwait in 2012, and won first place in the Olympic Amateur Championship in the same year and his advice did not stop there, but won first place in the New York Professional Championship in 2013.

Elssbiay began his competition journey, winning eighth place in the Mr. Olympia 2014 competition, fifth place in 2015, fourth place in 2016, second place in 2017 and first place in the Arnold Classic Europe championship in the same year, and sixth place in 2018, to be after that in first place in 2020 To become the first Egyptian player to win the Mr. Olympia championship.

Honored in his hometown

The pioneers of social media celebrated this victory by “Big Rami”, being the first Egyptian to win this title, while Major General Jamal Noureddin, Governor of Kafr El Sheikh, congratulated Rami Al-Subaie, Ibn Masr and the village of Al-Sabia, affiliated to the center and city of Baltim in Kafr El-Sheikh, to be crowned champion of Mr. Olympia 2020 and winning first place.

The governor of Kafr El-Sheikh confirmed that this is considered a historic achievement, by crowning the current year’s edition of the Mr. Olympia tournament, indicating that he will be honored upon his arrival because he deserves medals for his championship.

Dialogue in the hero’s house

Rami’s mother goes back to her memory of 15 years ago, before her son became famous and became a champion in the game of bodybuilding, when his aunt was sick, and she was relatively heavy, so Rami carried her, sometimes, to move around, and she says To him: Oh, my son, I am too much for you, and he replied to her by saying: No at all, my aunt, you are like a feather slipper, so she used to pray for him and say, “Our Lord gives you health and wellness,” which is what has already been achieved.

Rami’s mother added: He is kind-hearted, and his heart is like the heart of a child, and he loves his relatives very much. ”Continuing, she was with him right before the tournament, and“ I sat with him for 6 days in Cairo, and when I visited him in his apartment, I was afraid to kiss him, lest he had touched me. Something is on the way, from Corona virus infection, and I told him don’t do that, but he insisted, and kissed my hands and feet. “

big ramy mr olympia

Rami’s mother says that despite his strong physical formation, he hates violence. She does not remember that he ever quarreled with anyone, or caused harm to anyone, but he always controlled his nerves and controlled his emotions.

From her side; Marwa Mughrabi, the wife of the hero “Big Ramy”, and the mother of his three daughters, said that “despite his fame, she did not take him from us while he was with us constantly. He finished his exercises and came at home, and we have been living together for 9 years in Kuwait, and he is not returning.”

Mr Olympia Big Ramy bodybuilding Winning Interview

Mr Olympia Big Ramy bodybuilding Winning Interview

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Hall, D. (2020, December 20). Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay – Complete Profile: Height, Weight, Biography. Fitness Volt.

Hall, D. (2020, December 20). Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay – Complete Profile: Height, Weight, Biography. Fitness Volt.

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