Best Louis Simmons Exercises for Building Muscles

You will never always be motivated. You have to learn to be disciplined”

Louis Simmons is a strength coach who has been in the field for over 40 years and is the founder of Westside Barbell in Columbus, Ohio, USA. In addition, he has trained dozens of record holders in disciplines ranging from weightlifters to fighters and rugby teams. He has also written 3 books on sports and thousands of articles known around the world.

He has also competed for 50 years, however, in the sports considered for Elite, he has lasted an incredible 35 years, which shows that the quality of his techniques will exceed those of sports, but the quality and longevity.

With over 50 years old, to date he was the only one to have achieved marks in the bench press at around 300kg, in the free squat at around 450kg and in the deadlift of nearly 350kg.

Their methods are based on the paired exercises that are used in their training center that provide the good results mentioned above. In fact, for these styles, over the course of the year, they have undergone the slightest update that it is known as “immortal”.

The place you choose to train should be your ‘second home’

Best Louis Simmons Exercises

We can be in the best hotel in the world, with the best services, but nothing like being at home, in our bed, in our toilet. Even, by the way, when we are going through difficulties, it is more comfortable to be at home, feel the safety of the family and be in our “fold” more than anything else, is not it?

Likewise, this also happens in the place we choose to train. Ronnie Coleman, Branch Warren and Johnny Jackson have always trained in many places, but their home has always been Metroflex Gym, just like Jay Cutler has always done in many places, but in Los Angeles the feeling has always been better … the feeling of satisfaction, among people who strive to achieve Good goals (obviously, due to the diversity of people, this was an increasingly difficult thing), without environments of quarrels, envy and discord, and where we can be comfortable, it is necessary to be interconnected in body and soul in our training.

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So, always find a place that offers you peace, quiet, motivation and good fluids, no matter what the price to pay or what the gym promises. Remember that the most expensive is not always the best! This is a very individual thing and will vary a lot depending on what each person chooses. But, it pays to always watch and pay attention to your instincts. They definitely won’t let you down.

This may seem like a useless thing or a new detail, but, you will see that when you look at it, your training will be incredibly surprising.

  • To have a reliable training partner

Yes Louis Simmons said, it is true that it is difficult to find the perfect training partner. This is because those who take their training seriously, usually have a consistent training schedule, high intensity regimens, are always looking for increased progress, look for training and don’t waste time on unnecessary conversations, try to push the boundaries with each training, eat right. …plus the training partner, in addition to having all of these aspects, should also be on the fringes of a level close to you. This is because, imagine both training legs: while one works with a load threshold of 150 kg, the other works with 350 kg, that is, a completely different value. This will require time to assemble and disassemble the leg press, the lighter support will be missing to help the heavier support etc.

In addition to all these points, training with someone who is striving to achieve the same goals, will definitely be stimulating, challenging and progressive! One will motivate the other and that will be great for both of you!

  • Choose a good collection of songs that you like

The songs are very personal and each has their own taste, preferences, etc. However, there is something in science that says that music directly interferes with the sensations related to one’s mood, and this is absolutely true and this can be demonstrated by the different emotions we feel with songs as Louis Simmons suggested, with feelings of memories and moods, frustration and relaxation. In fact, there are points in the brain and receptors that activate certain limbic regions, depending on each stimulus (music) that is presented. Since it is difficult to please everyone, in the gym there is usually a set of acceptable or “acceptable” pre-made songs.

It is very important to be in your “training environment”, such as choosing a gym and feeling satisfied, to be according to your own preferences, and it is also necessary individually.

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  • Be regular with your progress

Lots of people go to the gym to do weight training and they seem more like robots than anything else as Louis Simmons said. They start doing some kind of training or use a training method and spend their whole life doing the same thing, until they end up not getting any results and give up.

In the same way, there are people who make a great “shooting” during their training, that is, using a myriad of devices, methods of training regimes, the most diverse, unusual, difficult innovations, etc. They try everything, but they still have the same bodies, the same physical condition, the same strength, and the same abilities.

Where is the mistake?

Basic! There are many people who refuse to use only basic exercises. There are others who prefer variations. In fact, both are true, but it is important to remember that no matter what type of system you adopt or the statute of limitations you adopt, continuous progress is essential to actually achieving good results.

The motor units in the brain will recruit more and more muscles and fibers on demand. That is, if you need to raise a ground rod of 100 kg, by default 200 motor units, then, for a lift of 150 kg, you will need 300 motor units, in addition to also increasing muscle fibers (in the case of hypertrophic and hypertrophic). This gives us the conclusion that if we stay with the same intensity, we will not only be stagnant, but under the law of use and neglect, we will end up losing what we built earlier.


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