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Best diet for gaining muscle in merely 28 days

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will

Dear reader, if you are one of those who frequent the gym permanently in order to burn body fat and coordinate body, you must be well aware that exercise is not alone enough to achieve this, so you must follow the best diet for gaining muscle in order to be able to build body muscles in a healthy way and you must also be aware To take nutritional supplements, even if you achieve the desired goal of forming a sports form and changing the shape of the body, but that has a tax that your body pays because of its serious harm to public health as the time you spend in the gym is whether it increases or decreases, so part of the day is about an hour and it remains 23 Another hour in which you might do a million unhealthy habits might waste your gym workout and even lead to weight gain.

A handful of chips or a cup of soft drinks may go to an effort exerted within an hour only in the gymnasium, so it is necessary and important that interest in sport be accompanied by a healthy, balanced diet, as this is the backbone and the basis for a strong muscular body as the integrated diet constitutes 65% of the plan Followed to sculpt the body, reconfigure and build body muscles .

Best diet for gaining muscle and burn fat in 28 days

Best diet for gaining muscle and burn fat
Best diet for gaining muscle and burn fat

So, dear reader, we will offer you a 28-day diet or plan that will help you reach the result you want, but you have to commit and have a strong will and change all your unhealthy habits and get rid of unhealthy foods that fill a kitchen cupboard and intend to start tomorrow and first A meal that you eat, which is breakfast. The goal of this diet is to eat healthy, fresh food free of any artificial supplements, as follows:

  • Eat at least one gram of protein for every kilogram of your total body weight, and that must be done on a daily basis, as exercise without getting enough protein that the body needs will burn fat successfully, but it will reduce the size of your muscle mass and thus will not You can achieve the form or shape you need for the body
  • Protein is very important in order to enlarge the muscles in a natural and safe way, and you can get it by eating egg whites, clear red meat, and protein can also be eaten if you feel hungry during the day, so you can eat a piece of red meat or a piece of lean chicken meat without any fat.
  • In the 28-day diet followed here, you must reduce the percentage of carbohydrates consumed during the day in order to stimulate burning effectively, but this does not mean abstaining from eating them, but rather it should not exceed 100 grams of carbohydrates per day in order to obtain sufficient energy to exercise Sports can be obtained by eating foods made from whole grains rich in fiber, such as brown bread. It can also eat 100 grams of potatoes or rice, provided they do not exceed 100 grams.
  • Drink at least 8 cups of water a day, as it helps to hydrate the body after resurrection by harsh exercise, and water helps stimulate the burning process and dissolve fat, and make sure that most of the fluids you drink during one day are water, as it achieves the desired purpose more. From juices and other energy drinks.

Staying on track effectively with a muscle building diet

muscle building diet
muscle building diet

“Change the unhealthy habits”

Let’s start by changing bad healthy habits, as this is one of the most important steps to successfully achieving the goal. Changing bad habits depends on strong will, no matter how many temptations, fast food restaurants have become widespread everywhere and you can even get a meal from one of those restaurants while you are sitting in your place without moving or exerting Any effort mentioned as soon as you request it on the phone, but the strong will here is the basis. Change your habits. Prepare a healthy meal on your own instead of buying a fatty burger sandwich that is damaging to any diet, put a table with a list of your daily meals and if you want to eat any of the fast food let it be once Only a week so that you do not feel deprived of what you love from your favorite foods, but remember to make it only once a week.

Take pictures of yourself Stand in front of your home mirror and take a group of pictures to act as a motivation for you to achieve the desired goal and follow the size of the muscles, for example once a week.

You can also drink a protein drink by adding protein powder and dissolving it in water. Diet sugar can be added, or it can be bought ready-made, and it is sold in different flavors such as fruit flavor, which can be drunk when feeling thirsty during the day.

During the followed program (Best diet for gaining muscle), if you have to go to restaurants, do not forget that the lowest meal of ready-made restaurant meals may even ruin your diet, and therefore all you have to do is ask for a piece of lean meat and to be grilled without adding any fats or sauces to it and order a quantity of vegetables Steamed and prepared without any additives or fats, ask for a large plate of salad without cheese or any dressing that contains fat.

What happens after the end of the 28 days?

Best diet for gaining muscle
Best diet for gaining muscle

After you have succeeded in achieving the desired goal, building muscles on a healthy basis, sculpting the body and reaching the required body, how will you maintain the shape of the muscles?

Step number one is to make sure to eat a healthy and wholesome breakfast consisting of pieces of egg white, a piece of bread made from the whole grain, in addition to pieces of fruit.

As for the lunch, it should be made up of a piece of grilled red meat, steamed vegetables, and a piece of bread made from the whole grain.

In the middle of the day while you are at work, eat a meal of protein, all you have to do or for protein to be the main component in all your meals is the basis for building muscle and strength, and we will show you examples of meals that you can eat during that period:

First meal

* Half a cup of oats, cooked with water

* Half a cup of strawberries.

* 6 pieces of egg white + a cup of yogurt

A second meal

A cup of fresh vegetables

* Grilled or boiled chicken breast

A third meal

A sandwich of well-drained tuna chunks, plus two tablespoons of skimmed mayonnaise, topped with two slices of lettuce paper.

Fourth meal

Protein drink and can be consumed in the middle of the day.

Fifth meal

Chicken salad made from 2 pieces of grilled chicken breast and vegetables, including tomatoes and lettuce.

Those, dear reader, are examples of meals that can be eaten, but you should know that it does not have to be for a specific period, but rather it must be an integrated healthy lifestyle and persistence in exercising in order to preserve the body shape that you have succeeded in reaching.


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