Best 8 characteristics of ectomorph bodybuilder

The road to nowhere is paved with excuses

Before starting activities and exercises to strengthen muscles, ensure the ability of the ectomorph bodybuilder to do special exercises for bodybuilders. And that by performing it without carrying weights or weights. Muscles can tear if the body is unable to bear heavy lifting and weights. And exercise must be gradually practiced from easiest to most difficult under the supervision of trainers and professionals; this is to preserve the integrity of the player’s body. The player’s endurance, muscular and nervous capacity must be checked.

Features of ectomorph bodybuilder

Features of ectomorph bodybuilder

Positivity: The bodybuilder should be positive and positive-minded; so that helps the athlete build muscle so the athlete performs the exercises better. The person with bad thinking will feel lazy and will not reach the desired goal of the exercise. And players should be motivated and encouraged to take a stronger, positive exercise in bodybuilding.

Strength: It means the ability to use resistance and face various challenges. It also means the muscle’s ability to control external challenges. Muscle strength is a component of fitness.

Endurance: periodic respiratory endurance is one of the most important elements that players need to practice motor activities, especially those that require long periods of work, as this is related to physical fitness elements.

Will: so that the ectomorph bodybuilder is distinguished in the will by adhering to the sports regime, continuing to join the gyms, using a group of weights in the club, where he is committed to body building intense exercises of various strength and resistance exercises and the use of weights and weights in training.

The ability to adhere to the quality of food: The endurance of the player in the diet of bodybuilders indicates the strength of will and patience in order to achieve the goal. The player’s diet should contain protein, carbohydrates and fats, all of which produce energy.

Graduation: Where the player begins practicing bodybuilding exercises from easy to difficult.

Performing warm-up and muscle stretching exercises before bodybuilding exercises: running for a quarter of an hour, then performing stretching exercises for the leg muscles, followed by the hand muscles and then the back muscles. Warm-up exercises should be performed slowly and proficiently. So that you avoid injuries that occur after doing high-intensity exercises.

You should diversify and change the performance of bodybuilding exercises. To avoid boredom or disorientation of the muscle used in a repeat exercise.

  • Relative intake of fats

Many of those who try to build muscle or burn fat, you find that they are far from eating fats, and this is not true, because fats have types:

Saturated fats: These fats are known for the damages they may cause to the human body, such as obesity, cholesterol, and heart disease. Therefore, it is necessary to stay away from them or reduce them as much as possible.

Healthy fats: As for this type of fat, it is necessary for the body, as the brain needs it, and it is also necessary in building muscle. It’s most important sources are dry fruits, nuts and avocado.


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