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Back spasms.. know the causes and how to get rid of back spasms

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Sometimes, back spasms and severe pain hinder movement, and these spasms have a range of causes and home remedies that can be applied to relieve pain. Many people develop sudden spasms in the back, which is a muscle contraction that causes difficulty in movement and severe pain.

Luckily, you can take measures to decrease or soothe most back spasms. If counteraction doesn’t work, straightforward home cures with fitting body mechanics frequently help recuperate your back inside half a month and remain sound. Surgery is rarely necessary to treat back pain. What are the causes of these spasms and how can they be overcome?

The Causes that lead to back spasms

Sudden back spasms can occur and last more than six weeks (acute) due to falls or heavyweights.

Back spasms occur for several reasons such as:

  • Weakness in the back tendons and muscles: it is therefore easily affected by any excess stress or pathological problems such as infections.
  • Wrong movements: which the person performs suddenly, whether sitting or sleeping in the wrong way, as well as carrying heavy weights or objects incorrectly.
  • Take some medications to treat diseases: such as anemia, diabetes, or cancer drugs, as they can cause pain, infections, and weakness in the bones and joints.
  • Nerve disorders: frequent spasms of the back indicate a defect or a problem with the nerves attached to it.

Symptoms of back spasms

Back spasms are an involuntary reaction of the muscles, and it often happens suddenly, and the spasm also goes away on its own quickly, although muscle spasm remains painful, and the symptoms of spasm of the back muscles vary according to the muscles in which the spasm occurred, and the conditions that led to these spasms.

The symptoms of back spasms are:

  • Severe back pain: These pains may extend to the neck area and headache to the head.
  • Difficulty in movement: The patient is forced to remain in a curved position to avoid further pain.
  • Numbness and tingling in the back: These pain may be accompanied by a feeling of numbness in the same area.

Treating back spasms

When symptoms of back spasms appear, it is sometimes difficult to acclimate to it, which requires receiving treatment that sometimes aims to relieve the pain caused by muscle spasm. When the spasm arises as a result of receiving a blow or exposure to a specific injury after a specific exercise, it is usually advised to put ice bags on the back to reduce from inflammation, and then put warm water bags to improve blood flow to the affected part.

There are a number of ways to take when having back spasms, and they include:

  1. Complete rest
Complete rest
Complete rest

You must respond to the body’s requirements for rest and immobility until the pain caused by the cramps decreases. It is preferable to relax on the bed slowly and keep the body steady for a while, with deep breathing, as well as it is advised to raise the legs on a pillow to reduce pressure on the spine.

  • Cold compresses
Cold compresses
Cold compresses

Cold compresses effectively contribute to getting rid of back spasms, as they are placed on the site of the injury while lying on the abdomen, preferably with the help of someone in the house.

Cold compresses reduce the inflammation that causes spasms, and they also help to relax the muscles and reduce contractions.

If the cold compresses tool is not available at home, you can bring a towel, put some pieces of ice in it, and put it on the injury area for 15 minutes.

It is advised to repeat these compresses every two hours at most, starting from feeling pain until bedtime, and can be done the next day if the pain persists.

  • Warm compresses
Warm compresses
Warm compresses

In the event of diminishing pain and spasms muscles, it is possible to do warm compresses on the area of ​​spasms, as this will relieve the pain completely.

As the heat helps increase blood circulation, thereby warming the muscles and reducing pain.

To apply warm compresses, the towel is soaked in warm water, then squeezed and removed from excess water and placed on the injury area for 10 minutes, taking care not to exposure to cold air so as not to cause bone infections again.

Warm compresses can be replaced by taking a warm bath and shedding water on the area of ​​convulsions if you can do this.

It cautions against using hot water because it can cause swelling in the back.

  • Back massage
Back massage
Back massage

Gently massaging the injury area contributes to the relief of the muscles and relieves them from spasms, as it improves blood flow in this region of the body.

 Some oils can be used in the massage, such as coconut oil or olive oil after it is warmed a little.

 A 10-minute massage is done by a family member, and a warm towel is applied to the area for another 10 minutes.

Prevention of back spasms

To avoid back spasms, it is advised to follow these things:

  • Doing sports

Exercise helps relieve spasms, relax muscles, and joint flexibility, which reduces the chances of back spasms.

Among the most prominent sports that help to maintain back and bone health, swimming, and resistance and elongation exercises.

  • Avoid sudden movements

They are the most common causes of back spasms, such as carrying the wrong things and sudden movement.

The fact that sitting in a specific position for a long time leads to the occurrence of spasms, and therefore must move the body and change the situation from time to time.

  • Do not expose your back to the causes of inflammation

This also applies to all parts of the body. The direct cooling of the cooling devices leads to inflammation in the bones and spasms.

Also, you should not go out in cold weather after being in a hot place, especially after showering, as this will cause inflammation as well.

In this article, I have discussed the causes that lead to back pain and how it can be prevented in addition to appropriate methods of treatment. Do not neglect any pain in your body, especially back cramps, as it has developed and leads to other pain in the bone. The worst may happen when you are unable to move and stick to bed.



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