Back muscles pain

Back pain after sleeping on back

Back pain after sleeping on back, some people experience severe back pain in the morning, and it may last for several hours after waking up, preventing them from carrying out their lives normally.

Back pain while sleeping on back

Lack of movement for long hours during sleep leads to stiffness of the bones and muscles, as a result of the decrease in the flow of oxygen-carrying blood to various parts of the body, especially the back.

Lower Back Pain at night while Sleeping

Wrong sleeping position

Sleeping posture may be one of the causes of back pain after sleeping on the back feeling uncomfortable when you wake up in the morning, especially if it puts pressure on the spine and stresses the vertebrae, such as lying on the back or sleeping on one side of the body.

Sleeping on a bad mattress

There are types of mattresses that may cause stiffness of the spine and neck, and take the vertebrae out of their proper alignment, which leads to pain in the neck and back when waking up from sleep.

A 2009 study confirmed that back pain after sleeping on back is treatable after changing mattresses periodically. It helps improve sleep quality and reduces the chances of stressing the neck and spine vertebrae.

Use of air conditioner or heater

Most people are accustomed to operating the air conditioner or electric fans in the summer and heated in the winter in the bedroom, knowing that exposure to the body, whether from a cold or high heat for a long time, may cause severe bone pain upon waking up in the morning.

Suddenly leaving the bed

Back pain while sleeping on back is related to a wrong habit committed by a large number of people, namely leaving the bed immediately upon waking, knowing that moving the bones suddenly after a state of stiffness that remained on during the hours of sleep increases pressure on him and exposes him to stress.


Back pain while sleeping on back is a common symptom among women during pregnancy, as a result of the pressure that the fetus exerts on the body, and the pain may get worse if the pregnant woman does not care about exercising and remains bedridden for a long time because they lack of movement leads to a decrease in blood flow to the bones, Which exposes him to stiffness.

Slipped disc

The patient with the necessary slip always feels pain in the back, but it increases in intensity in the early hours of the morning, as a result of the pressure that the vertebrae of the spine are subjected to during sleep.

Degenerative disc

Back pain while sleeping on back is one of the health problems that cause feeling back pain while sleeping on back, as a degenerative disc sufferer suffers from erosion or rupture of one or more discs between the vertebrae of the spine, which leads to rubbing of the vertebrae with each other.


Also known as fibromyalgia, it is a disorder that threatens women more than men, and those affected usually experience pain in different areas of the body when waking up from sleep, such as morning back pain and restless legs syndrome.

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