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Back Exercises: Avoid Injury and Build Muscle by Workout Smart

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Exercising the back muscle is one of the most difficult exercises compared to the rest of the muscle groups in your body, because you cannot see the muscle during exercise. Thus, you must practice back exercises intelligently to avoid injury.

Most bodybuilders think that they do the back exercise in an optimal way, but in fact they exercise the wrong way completely and do not enable them to have a large and wide back. And if you follow any of these unsuccessful strategies in exercising your back muscle, you must change them immediately.

4 Mistakes that increase Your Back Muscles Injury and Methods to avoid them

lower back pain and gas
lower back pain
  • 1) Ignore injuries

Exposure to injuries during exercise is common, but the incidence of injury when doing back exercises is very high. Feeling pain when exercising the back muscle for professionals of this sport is normal, especially in the lower back, and they ignore these exercises under the pretext that this pain is normal when exercising the upper back in addition to their unwillingness to appear bad in front of the huge size who train in the club.

You should differentiate between the pain of an injury and the pain of normal muscle contractions. Muscle pain is normal, but injury pain is serious and should not be ignored. When the pain increases or does not go away, stop exercising in the club for a while so that you do not expose yourself to developing chronic disc disease or even undergoing surgery.

  • 2) The complexity of methods of performing exercises

Experimenting with new methods and techniques in performing back exercises to target the bulldozer muscle is good, but there is a difference between trying a new exercise and wasting your effort and time. For example, if you perform the Bent over Two-Dumbbell Row correctly, you will feel clear contractions in your bull up muscle, and if you do not perform the pull-ups exercise with proper momentum, there will be little impact on your back. If you do not feel completely tired after completing a back exercise session, you must learn how to exercise in a way that targets each part of your back separately.

  • 3) Neglecting pull-overs

It is considered one of the old classic exercises with a great impact and difficult to master quickly in addition to that it is not possible to use heavy weights in it because it is difficult to lift the weight in that position. If you want to get big and wide lift muscles, include this exercise in your regimen.

  • 4) Not completing the sufficient number of iterations

Back exercises make you feel great after performing them, but your overzealousness with using too heavy a weight to perform a specific exercise may be useless. It’s like lifting a very heavy dumbbell to only do two repetitions of the One-Arm Row dumbbell pull-up.

Your muscle mass gets inflated when you do high reps with heavy weights. It is fun to try a heavy weight that you did not lift before and exercise for one or two repetitions, but if you want to get great muscle growth, the number of repetitions of any exercise should not be less than six repetitions.

You can follow the back exercises properly to avoid injury through the following video:

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